CASE STUDY – Tendon injury

18 y.o TB mare semi-retired.

Injury: lesion in the Deep Digital Flexor tendon of her left fore limb.

Presented with swelling on medial aspect of left fore and 4/5 lameness at the trot.

The following program was followed:

  • Week One and Two: 3 rehab sessions a week with E.P.R.S

  • Week Three – Six: 2 rehab sessions a week with E.P.R.S

Re-assessed 8 weeks post injury, no swelling present, no lameness, small palpable lump of scar tissue. 2 weeks later this lump of scar tissue was no longer palpable.

Throughout the entire rehabilitation process Lady was not confined, but instead allowed to move as much as she wanted to prevent new tendon fibres being shortened.