When Jacinda first saw Danny he had sustained a serious shoulder injury that had baffled vets. He couldn’t move or extend his leg forwards and had absolutely no idea where his leg was in space. He was literally hopping. I was devastated, I’d just spent thousands of dollars on my new youngster only for him to injure himself less than two weeks after taking him home. Jacinda confirmed he was suffering radial nerve damage, and started Danny on a strict regimen of regular micro current and laser treatments in to try restore his nerve function and movement. Days after his first treatment I noticed that he could actually move his leg, which was a really big deal for him. As he continued to improve Jacinda created an exercise plan to regain strength to the shoulder muscle and eventually to look towards ridden work. At first it was very basic balancing exercises and in hand walking, slowly building his strength up to ensure he was using his body correctly and giving him the foundations to not reinjure himself down the track. After months of rehab work and regular treatments we finally got to the stage of riding him, which was amazing. When he first hurt himself I was told he would be lucky to be a sound enough to be a paddock ornament, and I finally had a sound riding horse. Again Jacinda gave me a very specific plan for starting his ridden work, starting slowly and building up, including lots of pole work. Now looking at him, nobody would believe that a few months ago he couldn’t walk. Danny is a walking example of why this stuff works. Jacinda had a great way with Danny and was always happy to answer my dozens of questions“- Hope O’Connor

“I met Jacinda recently at a Biomechanics clinic that was run by Sharon May-Davis. I had my mare there for assessment and Jacinda did some bodywork on her to help facilitate some releases. It was amazing to watch the transformation and the improvement in the horses movement after the bodywork. Jacinda has very good timing and feel for working with horses which is so important for bodywork. I would not hesitate to recommend Equine Performance & Rehabilitation Solutions.”
-Courtney Bolitho

“Hi Jacinda
Six months have now gone by since I was fortunate enough to receive sponsorship from Equine Performance & Rehabilitation Solutions and I cannot believe the fantastic year that Sandfire (Summer) and I have had in the show jumping arena. Since receiving your treatments every month Summer has gone from a horse that was unbalanced and stiff on the left hand side to a well balanced, flexible, muscled jumping machine who has totally changed in body shape. She comes down on the bit and is developing topline in her neck and back and her bum looks powerful and totally sexy! Also, I just love the fitness program you provided for Summer, I know exactly what to work on and I can mix it up depending on what exercises I think she needs at the time.
I would like to share our results from this year, I couldn’t be prouder of my girl, she has come so far in the last 6 months:
Allora Show – 2nd 90cm class Allora Show – 2nd 1m class Allora Show – 2nd Mitavite Foxhunter Qualifier Millmerran Show – 3rd Mitavite Foxhunter Qualifier Jumping Queensland Autumn Show – 2nd 1m class Nanango Show – 2nd 1m class Nanango Show – 1st D Grade Brookfield Show –1st Mitavite Foxhunter Qualifier Lowood Show – 3rd 1.10m class Pictured is Summer and I after our win at Brookfield Show. Thanks again for everything you have done for Summer and I am extremely excited about the 2nd half of this year.
-Tanya Coulter

“I just wanted to post here so everyone knows just what amazing work you do. I’ve known Ned for over 6 years now, having taught his previous owner. He’s always been a great pony but his quarter horse like conformation always held him back in the dressage ring, especially the canter work. I’ve been coaching his new owner on him since she bought him 3 years ago. In this time we have continually been working on creating a better, more balanced canter, trying to develop more bend in his hocks, stifles and pelvis to create more thrust needed for dressage. Since you have been working on Ned I have seen an unbelievable difference in him. He can now do a super rhythmical medium trot, a balanced collected canter and today did his first ever flying change with his young rider owner. I never thought this could ever be physically possible for this little quarter horse x Arab. We are looking forward to bigger and better things from this pony in the future .”
-Renee Poulsen

“Couldn’t be happier! Jacinda Moss has turned my arthritic 18 year old dressage horse into a much more supple and happy boy! Her techniques were very thorough, taking note of how he responded to different movements. Both my trainer and I have noticed a considerable difference in his movement and nature. After trying numerous chiropractors and muscle release therapists it was refreshing to have someone actually make a difference. A happy horse = a happy owner!”
-Luise Haynes

“I would like to thank Jacinda from E.P.R.S for all her help & knowledge in getting my daughters horse Comet moving forward & in frame again. His neck was totally locked & within a few treatments he was softer, lighter, more willing & working in frame correctly. Comet just loves her coming to visit & evens falls asleep while she is working on him. I am now just getting Jacinda to come on a regular basis so to maintain the suppleness we now know & love. Jacinda You Are Amazing Thank You.
Love Comet
–Phoebe & Shaneen Roche

“Had a awesome ride after my mare had her sports massage last week! Thank you so much Jacinda! She is a new horse!”
-Louise Harris

“Happy has built so much topline since you have been treating him and we have been following your exercise and stretching recommendations. He’s even had to have his saddle gullet changed up to a wider one! Amazing difference in him.”
-Renee Poulsen, Head Coach at Arundel Park RDA